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"Vlady Damas” was founded in 2001 and takes pride in being the first private “ Casino Dealers Training School” from Romania, assisted and directed by ANOFM, component of Labor Department, a company authorized by Romanian authorities to train people and help them to start their career in the Casino Industry.

Our teachers and trainers are all game dealers, with over a twentyfive years of experience in the Casino Industry. They have started their career in Romania and gained their experiences in various casinos from countries such as Hungary, Turkey and Cruise Lines such as Carnival Corporation, Holland America Line, Costa Crociere Line.

Over the years, they have had the occasion and the opportunity to train new croupiers and to teach them how to deal to the highest level of efficiency and security, to improve their communication and English skills, and to become a professional Casino dealers .

Over 25 years experience in the Casino Industry and over 15 years in training of croupiers, recommend us!
References awarded on completion of courses are internationally recognized.


Our excellent offer is diversified and intended to satisfy all your options. The courses are very intensive, with a modern training pattern and weekly evaluations (table test and English test), English language being the primary teaching language. Upon completion of the courses are given internationally recognized references!

Initiation - Beginners training: for people who have never worked in the casino before and who would like to get qualified as a casino dealer in order to start a career in the Casino Industry.

Specialization: for anyone who has a basic knowledge as a casino dealer, but desires to improve his skills, to learn new games that are not known or used in the European Casinos and for those willing to work out of the country, especially for Cruise Line ships.

DICE – CRAPS: a very rare game in the European Casinos, but the most exciting game and very important for Cruise Line ships and United States (an essential game for getting a promotion in the casino hierarchy and a salary increase).

You can choose to learn just a few games, you can learn the American games for Cruise Line Casinos only, or, if you are a Casino dealer already, but you lack the knowledge of Dice – Craps, the hardest but the most exciting game, call us!
You will get trained to pass any table test for employment, in any Casino you’d like to work.

More than that, you’ll learn everything about guest service, attitude toward management and staff, casino procedures, tournaments and casino events, and you’ll improve your communication and English skills, as well.

A part of the training school is to find out, step by step, about how and where you can apply for a Casino dealer job, about interviews and table test with different companies and how to contact many Cruise Lines and Casinos.

You’ll be introduced in the atmosphere on board the ship: social life, working time, party time, earnings and accommodation.


American/European Roulette

Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel. In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number...

Black Jack

Over the years the origin of Blackjack, like many other games, has eluded researchers for a long time and which continues to be hotly debated to this day...


Poker is the world’s most popular card game – and its’ one with a rich history that began well before the early 19th century, when poker as we know it...


From Hazard to Crabs to Craps
People have been playing dice games for a very long time. The very first dice were just sheep knucklebones.


Depending on the number, type and complexity of the games you would like to learn, and the category of your training option (initiation, specialization, Dice, Cashiers training, etc.), our offer is varying from 350 to 1500 Euro, plus taxes.

The payment is divided in two or three rates - the first one at the beginning, when you start the training.

Following the above criteria, the length of the course is varying between 3 and 9 weeks.

Our schedule is flexible, with morning and afternoon classes, a personal schedule for each student, depending on his daily program.


“Casino dealer is an international profession, giving you the opportunity to find great jobs around the world, in any of the biggest Casinos from: Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Cruise Line Ships, Daily Ships ….. And, out there, are so many Casinos!

All major Cruise Lines are offering everyday positions for crew and staff members, for different departments, but mostly for the Casino Dept.: dealers, cashiers and slot technicians.

This profession is offering you the possibility to earn good money, better earnings then any other job can offer you.

It gives you the chance to travel, to see many places that you were just dreaming about, it offers you an exciting and entertaining life, adventure and fun, and most important, the chance to get in contact and start new friendships with people from different countries and cultures.

There are so many opportunities! Don’t miss them !


Offers jobs in Czech Republic immediately after school (EU work card, medical insurance, accommodation provided).

Employment opportunities within AIDA Cruises for German speaking students.

We are currently seeking qualified personnel for costumers in several countries what are interested to employ specialist with a good level of English.

You can regularly check our Facebook page for upcoming vacancies:


Vlad Mihai

Casino Dealer

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Casino Dealer

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Casino Dealer

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